'100 minutes of laughs, drama and the occasional tear' – Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile review


Lyle is discovered by struggling magician and song-and-dance man Hector Valenti (Javier Bardem, giving it beans) in a pet-shop cage. He’s tiny, friendless… and singing to himself.

Valenti sees his chance of fame and fortune and the duo soon have a series of breathtaking musical routines.

Lyle suffers stage fright, however, and cannot perform in public. Hector is ruined, having put up his New York brownstone townhouse as collateral for the theatre run.

He flees, leaving the croc to fend for himself.

He’s still in the attic, now massive, when a couple and their young son move in.

The CGI is miraculous and the slapstick hilarious as lonely Josh finds a friend in the city in Lyle, who loves a bubble bath and nocturnal adventures in NY’s back streets and dumpsters.

Bardem is magnificently charismatic as he returns to set up a new chance at the big break.

But Lyle chokes on stage and Valenti sells him out to the family’s grumpy neighbour who has a grudge against Josh and his parents.

Will Lyle escape from the zoo where he is caged and find TV glory as a singing star? You can only guess. And, yes, you are absolutely correct.

It’s a very entertaining 100 minutes with plenty of laughs, drama and even the occasional tear.

The life lesson is that your crocodile sometimes just needs a big hug. But don’t try that at the zoo, kids.

  • Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, Cert PG, In cinemas now


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