5 Best Foods to Keep You Warm & Boost Your Immunity

Warm & Boost Your Immunity
Warm & Boost Your Immunity


Surprisingly, it can be hard to stay warm when the cold season sets in. Sometimes the fireplace or the heating system isn’t enough, and you’re left feeling like the cold is emanating from inside you. We all know how that feels, and the solution is to ramp up your body heat and fight the cold from within.

While fighting the cold, you also want to maintain a healthy body and ward off diseases. That means eating foods that contribute to the strength of your immune system.

What you need are foods that keep you warm while boosting your immunity. And we’ve listed for you the five best foods with that winning combo.

1.    Ginger or Ginseng

Ginger is a popular spice for many reasons. It doesn’t just make your food tastier; it’s also recognized by the medical community as a medicinal ingredient with lots of research supporting its benefits.

What makes ginger special is its powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammation, and antiviral properties. These are known to boost immune functions.

Taking hot ginger tea or soup when it’s cold is one of the best ways to stay warm and healthy.

The same goes for Ginseng, a popular herb with immense health benefits. It’s an ancient medicinal plant and has similar antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties you’ll find in ginger.

It’s up to you now. Whichever tea you prepare to tackle the cold, you’re well assured of added benefits.

2.    Mushroom Soup

If mushrooms have no place in your diet, you’re really missing out. Mushrooms pack a decent punch of nutritional value, from selenium to vitamins. The good thing about these minerals, especially beta-glucans, is that they support the immune system.

Beta-glucans strengthen a part of the immune system that detects and eliminates harmful microbes.

With that said, mushrooms are ridiculously delicious, and a bowl of mushroom soup is the perfect treat for a chilly night. It’s tasty, nutritious, and great for keeping warm.

There are different recipes out there for mushroom soup. Find a few you like and enjoy. This simple recipe, for instance, is definitely worth a try.

3.    Seafood

Seafood on a cold evening sure isn’t a terrible idea. Most varieties of seafood are super delicious and perfectly suited for a wide range of occasions. It basically comes down to the variety of seafood you prefer as they all contain the valuable minerals we’re looking for.

You want to prioritize fatty fish as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids essential for a well-functioning immune system. They also contain vitamins A, B, and D, which are crucial to fighting inflammation.

Now, considering seafood comes in multiple varieties, you’re sure to find something that appeals to your taste buds.

4.    Leafy Greens

Veggies are superfoods, no doubt, and you can eat them whenever you want, whether it’s breakfast or dinner. You can eat them as an accompaniment or by themselves.

Heated vegetable salad or soup should be great at keeping away the cold. But it doesn’t end there. As we mentioned, veggies are superfoods packing heavy nutritional value.

For immune-boosting capabilities, you want leafy green vegetables, especially spinach and broccoli, as they are rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and beta carotene. This strengthens your ability to fight off infections, which tend to plague us when it gets cold outside.

5.    Hot Chocolate

Everyone’s favorite treat during the cold seasons is hot chocolate. It’s hard to imagine going without this drink when the temperatures drop because it’s simply one of the most effective ways to boost body heat.

If your ideal cold evening includes sitting at the fireplace with a huge mug of delicious hot chocolate, keep it up because you’re doing your immune system a lot of good as well.

It’s all thanks to cocoa, which has powerful immune-boosting capabilities. Research published by the US National Institute of Health revealed that cocoa has immunoregulatory properties linked to the food’s rich antioxidant content.

You probably know how to whip up a hot chocolate or cocoa drink, as it’s super easy. For weed enthusiasts, Veriheal has this warm and cozy cannabis-infused cocoa recipe to give a try.


While staying warm is vital when the temperatures drop, It’s also good to increase your body’s natural defenses at the same time. You need the foods we’ve mentioned because they have you covered on both sides.

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