6 Most Useful Bikes, 2022

Useful Bikes
Useful Bikes

Bikes are for more than just weekend fitness rides in 2022. An all-new lineup of commuter bikes, electric bikes and exciting hybrid tricycle options contains a practical solution for anyone getting around on a daily basis. The key to buying a bike you’ll use daily is comfort and stability. With those factors in mind, here are the most useful bikes available this year.

Comfort With BodyEase

There are more factors that go into fitting a bike than most people realize. A women’s bike has many careful considerations that make it more comfortable and easier to ride than a unisex bike.

BodyEase Women’s Comfort Bike

The BodyEase women’s comfort bike is designed to give all cyclists confidence and support. Some of the elements that make it so comfortable include:

  • A low step-through frame, meaning you don’t have to lift your leg far off the ground to get on the bike
  • A broad seat with its own built-in suspension system to minimize jostling and discomfort
  • Pedals that let you sit with your spine straight and your legs directly below your hips for comfortable, natural alignment

The BodyEase was designed for easy, practical rides rather than off-roading or intense exercise. If you’ve never tried a bike designed specifically for everyday comfort, you may be missing out on how useful the right bike can be.

Trike It Up

Tricycles aren’t just for kids anymore! The innovative design of a tricycle for adults provides ultimate stability, allowing for safer and faster rides around the neighborhood and beyond.

BodyEase Tricycle

All the comfort of the BodyEase women’s bike is also available on three wheels. An older rider may feel more supported by the additional third wheel in back, which makes it basically impossible to tip over.

EVRYjourney Tricycle

The EVRYjourney is a jack-of-all-trades bike, and it’s even more useful on three wheels. Between the back wheels is an oversized basket that gives even more utility than a two-wheeled bike. An entire grocery run can fit safely in the basket for the ride home.

Electric Tricycle

A rechargeable battery puts extra power behind an adult tricycle. This option is great for adults who want the convenience of an electric bike with added stability.

Easier Cycling With Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are a great choice for commuters and those running errands throughout the day. The motor assists in pedaling, allowing for greater speeds over a longer period of time than a manual bike. This translates to miles more distance in less time with less effort.

Around the Block 500W

The perfect neighborhood bike is even better with power. The Around the Block has a sleek design that hides its electric components, but they’ll still help you power up the last hill on the way home.

Maya 500W

The Maya electric bike is great for commuting, but it can also double as a fitness bike. Any electric bike can also run on pedaling alone like a manual.

The right bike will slot easily into your daily life. If you’ve never considered a women’s comfort bike, an electric option or an adult tricycle, 2022 is the year to explore and find the perfect fit for you.

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