6 Steps to Setting Up Your Own Record Label According to Hot Sugar

Hot Sugar
Hot Sugar

The internet has revolutionized the music industry more than any other business. It’s now easier to establish a record label than it was decades ago. Below is a list of ways to start a record label for a successful project you’ll be proud of.

Name and Register Your Business

Identify the perfect name for your record label and research well to come up with a unique business name. Identify businesses with the same name using sources such as Google, the federal trademark database, and state registries. Once you establish the name, you must register for the trademark to distinguish your brand from the competition. A registered trademark allows you to utilize your business name in relation to the services and goods you identify with during the registration process. It also enables you to file a lawsuit if a competitor uses your brand name or infringes on your trademark.

Find Your Music

Establishing a record label may come from listening to great music that no one else is putting out. If you are knowledgeable about ways to start a unique music label, you must have a few releases lined up and proceed to promote and distribute your content. The music industry is competitive, and knowing and working with the right individuals is crucial. Hot Sugar advises you to establish your lane, release the music you believe in, put the music first, then the label, and think about quality, not quantity.

Create a Website

Most successful record labels have an efficient website. Websites allow customers to find out what they need from you, including your gigs, videos, releases, and a shop dealing with your music. Do your due diligence before hiring a web provider, as you’ll depend on the service for years. Aside from setting up a website, you should create social media channels and link them to your website. The approach is crucial as it allows your customers to engage with your label when finding information regarding an event or purchasing something.

Choose the Business Structure for the Record Label

Identifying the company’s structure is often the first decision most business owners make. There are multiple forms, but most record label owners prefer a limited liability company (LLC) or a sole proprietorship, while others prefer a corporation (either S or C-Corp). LLC provides liability protection which cushions your personal assets if your record label is in debt. A sole proprietorship has no such provisions. Consult a reliable accountant to learn more about business structuring and taxes to ensure a smooth process.

Market the Record Label

You should market your label effectively if you want people to know about a record label company. Develop a solid marketing plan to reach your fans by hiring a reliable marketing agency. You may have a minimal budget when starting your business, but multiple marketing steps work with a minimal budget. Even after recording albums or signing artists, Hut Sugar advises you to continue with promotion as an integral part of the record business.

Release Music

Distribution is fast nowadays, thanks to multiple online streaming services. Working with a reliable digital distributor allows you to sell your music through trustworthy online stores. A first release can make a considerable profit without recouping the manufacturing costs, which are synonymous with physical albums.

Any person can start a record label, but capital helps expand the business. Your brand becomes official once you create a name and establish a social media presence.

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