8 Dating Simulator Games to Download on Your Phone

Dating Simulator Games
Dating Simulator Games

Playing through your mobile phone is popular because it accommodates the hectic lifestyles of many people nowadays. While on vacation, at work, or waiting for the bus home, having a mobile game to pass the time is excellent. We’ve seen mobile games smash records and generate billions of dollars in sales in the previous several years. Numerous genres are available for selection. And simulation games are one of the most popular mobile gaming genres.

Simulation games mimic real-world activity. One of the most-used simulator games is Roblox. But do you know ‌women play most simulation games, especially dating simulators? Dating simulations, also known as romance simulation games, are a type of simulation video game that include romantic aspects. Summertime Saga, The Sims mobile, and Mystic Messenger are among the most frequently played dating simulation video games. If you want to learn more about various dating simulation games, continue reading.

1.  The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile is the game that first comes to mind when discussing simulator games. You experience the life of a fictional character you create, including dating. Besides dating other Sims, you may also form your own family in The Sims Mobile. This mobile simulation game is more wholesome than the other mobile games. They rated the Sims Mobile for users 12 years and older and is available for free download with in-app purchases and advertising. You can get this on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

2.  Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga is a high-quality, adult-oriented dating simulation game in production and entirely sponsored by Patreon backers. It is playable on Android; however, it is not on the Google Play Store. Summertime Saga is a comprehensive romance simulator game and an electronic story. It follows the main character as he attempts to discover the truth about his father’s sudden death while balancing school, money, and dating. Patreon backers made this game possible and have gorgeous graphics, an engaging story, and a large cast of well-developed characters.

3.  Mystic Messenger

They released the Korean mobile romance simulation game Mystic Messenger in 2016. The game is accessible in Korean, English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese, and they billed the simulator game as a “storytelling messaging game.” Mystic Messenger is an engaging mobile game where players assume the role of a character who has downloaded a mystery app called Mystic Messenger and is receiving bizarre messages through it. The intriguing app links the user to a group of guys with whom they might develop romantic relationships as they uncover the program’s riddles. Chats, messages, and phone calls (completely voiced in Korean) allow for real-time interaction with the characters.

4.  The Arcana: A Mystic Romance

Nyx Hydra developed the mobile dating simulation The Arcana, where you will become the protagonist of an Otome book inside The Arcana’s whole beautiful and enigmatic realm. The game has a 21-episode plot, several trinkets, and a respectable number of potential partners. In the fantastical world of Versuvia, players assume the role of a mage. They use their Arcana abilities to uncover the truth as they investigate the odd circumstances regarding the death of the count of Versuvia. The entire game is LGBT-friendly, allowing you more flexibility in your actions and interactions with people.

5.  Obey Me

Obey Me is an Android and iOS dating simulation game launched in 2019. It is a mobile romance simulation that combines a visual novel with a card-based role-playing game. Obey Me is one of the most popular mobile dating simulator games. There are several objectives to achieve, seven playable characters to select from, and even a card-dueling mechanism. To foster a greater understanding between demons and humans, they assign you to live with seven demon brothers, with whom you must create pacts to control them. The game is simple and has a nice-enough plot to keep you engaged as you slog it out.

6.   Love: Queen’s Choice

We strongly suggest Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice if you’re searching for a new mobile game that could transport you in its universe. Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice is a popular romance simulation game in which you play as a media producer who develops romantic relationships with four different men. The game contains more visual novel elements and fewer dating simulation elements than most of its rivals. They will reward those who persevere and go through the novel with startling plot twists throughout numerous chapters. They launched the game in mainland China for the first time on December 14, 2017. In 2019, they released it in various countries.

7.  Amnesia: Memories

Amnesia: Memories is an excellent and trusted simulation game. Compared to other otome games available on the market, it is unique, novel, and engaging. Amnesia: Memories is a visual novel, which means they divide it into chapters and adhere to a narrative from which the player cannot depart. Each character has a voice actor, the plots are passable, and the graphic style is excellent. Each decision in this game leads to a parallel reality in which the protagonist chases a single male love interest. You may download the basic game from the App Store and Google Play.

8.  Love Island The Game

Fusebox Games’ Love Island: The Game is a mobile role-playing game. You can download it for free from both the App Store and Google Play Store. Fusebox made this game based on the Love Island reality show. For those who aren’t familiar with Love Island, it’s a British reality program in which players fight for a cash prize on an isolated island home. You will be able to personalize your avatar in this realm, customizing its look and even embodying it in a virtual environment. In stressful recoupling, you will have the opportunity to experience personal moments with your chosen partner. Love Island has three seasons and 150 episodes, so your journey will not conclude fast.


There are several things you can do in your spare time. Playing a dating simulation game on your smartphone is one of the best pastimes. Trust us when we say that these mobile simulation games are challenging and interesting to play. What exactly are you waiting for? Download these games now!

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