AC/DC 2022 tour? ‘Angus Young will go out with or without the rest’ reckons Dee Snider


Having released their first album since Malcolm Young’s death in Power Up last year, fans have been wondering if AC/DC are gearing up for a 2022 tour. Just a couple of months ago singer Brian Johnson cameoed at a Foo Fighters concert, although bassist Cliff Williams has said he might only do a couple of shows since he did announce his retirement in 2016. Whatever the case, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider – a friend of Brian’s who was the first to share that AC/DC were working on Power Up – reckons whatever happens Angus Young wants to get out there.

In fact, just after the last time AC/DC performed live 5 years ago, Angus was the final member of the classic line-up left standing.

But since the hard rock band came together to honour Malcolm with Power Up, maybe a 2022 tour together is possible after all.

Speaking exclusively with to promote his new solo album Leave a Scar, Dee admitted that him spilling the beans on the band’s latest album was “the fan in me, y’know?”

On the possibility of an upcoming AC/DC tour, Brian’s pal said: “I’m under the impression that they intend to perform.”

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Dee continued: “And my read is…that it appears clear Angus [Young] will go out with them or without them. He did it already! Everyone left and he just kept going.

“And we all know that Angus has suffered a lot of loss within his family in the last couple of years.

“I think he probably just needs to get out there, y’know what I mean? The visceral relief that you get out rock and roll.

“We all need it, but I think that Angus is going to get out there one way or another!”

Back in 2019, Dee said he was done with live touring but at some point in 2020 he changed his mind.

The rock legend said: “I found with the state of the world I needed to say something.

The Twisted Sister star recognised that he’d become of those voices for the voiceless as the We’re Not Gonna Take It guy.

He teased that Leave a Scar is full of fast and intense songs for fans to really scream and added: “It obviously speaks to my emotions and the times.”

Dee also shared that he could well be back on stage for the big comeback of touring next year.

He said: “I would love to be a part of the return in 2022, to stand there singing You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll!

“And I don’t think that’s been truer than now…so in time for sure.

Dee Snider’s Leave a Scar is out today.


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