'Action kills doubt' how man grew business to £50million valuation during lockdown

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“I believe that work environment we have at the moment is flawed. We talk about things like blocking out your calendar to become more productive, but I think if you make people fitter they’re going to have more energy, if you make people happier they’re going to work harder.

“I give people absolute freedom to do whatever they want, I don’t even tell them how to do their job. I say to them ‘Look, this is the outcome I want you to achieve’ and off they go. I don’t tell them when or where to work. Because they’re the expert not me, I’ve got no idea what I’m doing, I’m not very good at anything,” he proclaimed.

Alongside this, there is a mandatory gaming quota for all employees, Mr Fairey’s incentive behind this is help employees switch off from work, socialise and learn about the market at the same time.

Mr Fairey is also a strong believer in physical health and encourages his team to get as many steps in a day as possible.

“The day you join you get bought a fitness tracker and what that means is everyone in the company is tracked on the number of steps they have. If you’re on a call when you don’t have to present something you have to do it on a walk because we want people to get their steps up. And everyone loves it. Working from home people are averaging like 3,000 steps a day, whereas people in my business are averaging 11,000.

“In the office we don’t have a coffee machine, there’s a café down the road, 400 steps there and back. And if you go with someone you get a free coffee, free pastry, get whatever you want on me because I want to encourage people to have that time out but socialise and move.

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