Air fryer steak recipe with 'beef dripping flavoured' chips – 'great idea'


The TikTok user Helen Westwood posted her steak and chips to her followers on the platform. The Welsh woman, based in Scotland boasts 10.8K followers and has amassed 47.2K “likes” on the app.

This recipe in particular has 2.4M views on the app and offers a hands-off easy way to make one of the nation’s favourite dishes.

So, how does Helen make it? First, the cooking fan rubs her sliced potato in oil. She then air fries the chips for 15 minutes at 200C.

The cook then coats her two large steaks in rapeseed oil and then seasons the meat with black pepper.

When the chips have been cooking for 15 minutes, she adds the steaks on top of the chips. She then air fries the chips and a steak together for another 10 minutes.

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One said: “Thank you. I’ve got the same air fryer it’s amazing. I’m going to give that a try.”

“Now this is something I never would have thought of to put in my air fryer,” another said.

One wrote: “Put some sliced onions with your chip, gives it a nice flavour.”

A huge variety of meals can be made in the air fryer, including a Sunday roast. One chef demonstrated how to make roast chicken in the air fryer. 

Another interesting recipe that has gone viral in recent weeks is one detailing how to make poached eggs in an air fryer. 

Poached eggs are usually made in water on the hob, but one air fryer fan shows how she does them in the air fryer, and claims the method creates excellent eggs.

“This is what comes out,” she says, “a perfectly poached egg every single time, oh my gosh look how beautiful.”

She went on: “This may be the sexiest egg I’ve ever made and I hope you guys enjoy it too.”


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