Alcohol related fatty liver disease: Subtle signs can show up when trying to concentrate


It is estimated that alcohol-related fatty liver disease develops in 90 percent of people who drink more than 40g of alcohol, or four units, per day, according to Drinkaware.

The organisation notes that is roughly the equivalent of two medium (175ml) glasses of 12 percent ABV wine, or less than two pints of regular strength (4 percent ABV) beer.

The organisation says: “Drinking within the UK Chief Medical Officers’ (CMO) low risk drinking guidelines (drinking no more than 14 units a week for both men and women) will help keep your risk of developing alcohol-related liver disease low and benefit your overall health.

“Reducing the amount you drink, ideally to zero, can help reverse damage, and reduce the risk of disease progression, for those with early-stage alcohol-related liver disease.”


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