Andrew Neil health: Journalist's 'wake-up call' heart condition – atrial fibrillation


The first, AF, is the most common and occurs when the heart beats irregularly and faster than normal. A normal heart rate should stand between 60 to 100 beats a minute when resting, but patients with AF tend to have a resting heart rate of over 100 to 150.

Writing back in March of this year, Dr Mark Porter revealed more about the condition, saying that if individuals experience that they are unusually short of breath and have palpitations, they could be suffering from an arrhythmia.

He said: “The latest estimates from NICE (2016) suggest 1.4 million people have AF in England alone. About a third of them remain undiagnosed, putting them at risk of complications ranging from breathlessness to an early stroke.

“AF occurs when there is a disconnect between the upper (pump priming) chambers of the heart, the atria, and the larger ventricles that send blood around the body. The resulting loss of coordination leads to an irregular fast pulse.”


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