Andy Murray speaks out on Scotland Euro fears after 'anyone but England' jibe

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Murray has said he is fearing a “tough” time watching Scotland’s game against England this week as he looks set to spend it in a coronavirus bubble with Englishmen. Known to be a patriotic Scot, Murray famously attracted criticism after he said he would “support whoever England were playing against” at the 2006 World Cup. It is something that has come back to haunt him over the years.

Murray is currently in the process of making a comeback from an injury that left him unable to compete.

He is now playing at the Cinch Championships at Queen’s, and is likely to be in the tournament bubble.

This means he will watch the match in isolation with a group supporting the Three Lions.

Speaking on Amazon Prime, Murray said: “I will probably be in a bubble so I will watch it with my team who are all English.

“That was it, I never went back to football training again.”

The two-time Wimbledon champion went viral last year after Scotland won a penalty shootout against Serbia which marked the beginning of their Euro 2020 journey.

Filmed from behind, Murray can be heard quietly mouthing, “get in”, while punching the air.

Reflecting on his words a few years after the 2006 World Cup, Murray said he regretted his comment that was teased out of him during a joint interview with fellow tennis player Tim Henman.

Speaking in 2012, he said: “I was only 19 or 20 at the time.

“I was still a kid, and I was getting things sent to my locker saying things like: ‘I hope you lose every tennis match for the rest of your life’.

“That’s at Wimbledon. Even people within the grounds at Wimbledon were saying that to me.”

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