Angela Merkel gives tribute to Macron during last Chancellor outing 'I will miss him!'

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Angela Merkel is conducting a farewell tour as her time in office draws to a close after revealing she would be stepping down as Chancellor after 16 years in the role. The outgoing German leader was asked about her political life and her political allies. Ms Merkel was quizzed about a recent visit to France where President Emmanuel Macron hosted a warm reception for her. Ms Merkel told the interviewer she would “miss” the French head of state before delivering a gushing tribute to Mr Macron who she enjoyed working with.

Speaking to DW News, Ms Merkel was asked about her visit to France. She attended a ceremony for the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour, France’s highest award.

The event, held in Beaune, was hosted by Mr Macron, who presented the award to Ms Merkel.

Mr Macron told Ms Merkel: “Since you have become chancellor, France has learned to know you and to love you.

“You have worked to keep Europe together throughout all these shocks. I hope that the lesson you have left us with, to stand firm against strong headwinds and to make sure that everybody remains united and that things do not fall apart, that this will stay with us.”

Ms Merkel was asked about her visit to France and told the interviewer: “Yes, of course I will miss Emmanuel Macron.

“I will miss many of my counterparts because I very much enjoyed working with them.

“And because international politics always means you talk a great deal with one another, that you try to walk a mile in someone’s shoes.

“How’s he doing at home, what problems is his country facing?

“There is a great deal to do every day, this means Emmanuel Macron will talk in the future to the German head of government, so probably Olaf Schloz.

“It might be that we’re in touch from time to time, I’d like that.”

During her visit to France, Ms Merkel told reporters she had a “wonderful” relationship with France and thanked Mr Macron for inviting her.

Ms Merkel also revealed during her interview with DW that she has no plans yet for what she will do once she has stepped down but would likely do a lot of reading and sleeping.

She also revealed that she found the refugee crisis during the 2010s was one of her most challenging experiences as Chancellor.

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