Are sports good for our health?

How many of us go to the gym regularly to maintain that healthy lifestyle? Few, because it takes sheer commitment and dedication. It’s difficult to take the time out and exercise while keeping a check on daily nutrients. Therefore, sports can fill that gap – they are more challenging and fun to do.


For ages, playing sports has been a proven way of improving fitness and health. It does not require costly machines or dedicated space. You can play a game of basketball in your backyard or on the streets. Generally, playing any sport can enhance your well-being and boost morale.


Instead of considering sports a pastime on the weekends, we all need to value them more. The importance of sports is much more than we perceive. Yes, it’s fun to play sports, but they add more to our daily lives. They inspire young generations, build competitiveness, improve decision-making, and teach teamwork.


From psychological to physical benefits, sports are great in many ways. We will discuss the importance and several benefits of playing sports in this article.


What are the benefits of sports?

The health benefits of sports are immense. Playing a sport that involves physical movements is far better than regular exercise or working out. You need to work out five times a day to gain the same benefits, which you can achieve by playing sports for 70-75 minutes once a week.


A game of basketball, football, or baseball can help you achieve these benefits. It’s more fun than working out. Sports are more dynamic and physical, and the involvement of multiple body parts simultaneously makes it more enjoyable.


The wide variety of sports makes it easy to choose as per your liking. If you are not a fan of running, you can opt for kayaking or rock climbing or go out for cycling or horse riding. The choice of sports does not affect the benefits you receive.


Physical health benefits – playing sports is highly effective in reducing body fat and controlling your overall body weight.


  • It can increase your muscle mass and strengthen bones.
  • It helps improve body balance and flexibility.
  • It enhances stamina and concentration levels.
  • It increases energy levels and keeps you active.
  • It can also improve your appetite.
  • It reduces cholesterol levels and helps in avoiding heart problems.


When you take a challenge, it’s human nature to try to improve performance and be better than the others. It forces you to adopt healthy choices and change your routine to become more competitive. The motivation within is only possible when you are competing against someone, and what’s better than sports. To perform better, you will improve your sleeping routine, eat healthily, and quit smoking or drinking. That’s where sports are better than a workout or exercise regime.


Neurological benefits – the brain needs its fluids to feel happy. In our bodies, we have serotonin and dopamine as happy chemicals. Sports release these chemicals and make positive changes in our brains.


It uplifts the mood and reduces the chances of being sad. Although any physical activity can produce these chemicals, playing a sport is more effective, as it also has a sense of achievement. Scoring a goal or winning a game contributes to the production and release of happy chemicals.


Similarly, vitamin D also helps in improving mood. The direct intake through the sunlight is more effective than the tablets. Vitamin D helps in lowering the symptoms of depression and boosts the mood.


Psychological benefits – another thing in which sports are better than working out in a gym is strengthening the mind. In sports, you are constantly thinking. It increases mental strength and lowers your anxiety levels. 


You need to make instant decisions in the field that improves your decision-making skills. You communicate with others and coordinate, which enhances teamwork. Improved hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes are attainable by playing sports only.


The sense of self-worth you gain from sports is also incredible. With each game, you give a purpose to your life. Having a sense of accomplishment builds confidence when you win. You learn resilience when you lose. Your wellbeing is greatly benefited by the competitive nature of the sport.


Social benefits – another major benefit of sports is improving social skills. No matter if you are into individual sports or team sports or gaming online through, you have to interact with others – like teammates, a trainer, a coach, or an opposition.


While playing sports, you learn about human behavior. Each person reacts to a situation differently, so you learn a lot by observing. Also, interacting with new people boosts confidence, improves interpersonal skills, and builds social prowess.


Team sports, in particular, are the best method of enhancing communication skills. In a team game, you define roles and create a strategy. To execute the plan, you need to coordinate with your teammates and work as a team.


Now, grab all the mentioned benefits and integrate them into your daily lives. You are more confident, mentally strong, have better communication skills, can make decisions, and are positive. Sports will improve your productivity and help you achieve your goals. 


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