Astrology prediction on most ‘awful' days for dating – signs advised to 'avoid completely'


Dating site Safer Date and psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman revealed the most romantic days in the Gregorian calendar and the ones you should avoid at all costs.

For singles, “there are dates that work well for romantic beginnings, and that’s when the stars align correctly. New moons are perfect for fresh starts, and full moons are fabulous for declarations of love, but there are also dates you should avoid completely!”

Inbaal explained: “Saturdays are so wrong for dates; in a perfect world, I’d move Saturday to a weekday and have Fridays be the first day of the weekend! Named after Saturn for a planet in charge of maturity, responsibility, and karma, it’s a great day for a wedding, but awful for a date.

“Along with avoiding Saturdays, watch out for days when Mercury is in retrograde. It tends to hamper communication, with messages being delayed and stilted conversations when you finally meet.

“People have experienced social media disasters, phone failures, and unsuccessful arguments for weeks when retrograde is in place. The exact same two people could have one meeting where conversation flows, and only days later meet up to find out they have nothing left to say.”

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Worst days for a date:

May 1 to June 2

September 9 to October 2

After December 29

But which are the good days?

Inbaal explained: “New and full moons are fabulous for setting your intent, manifesting what you want from every opportunity, and finding love or taking a relationship to the next level. Moon signs change every two to three days, and every new moon is in the same sign as the Sunday at that time.”


Best days for a date:

January 2 – New Moon in Capricorn

February 1 – New Moon in Aquarius

March 2– New Moon in Pisces

April 1 – New Moon in Aries

April 30 – New Moon in Taurus

May 30 – New Moon in Gemini

June 29 – New Moon in Cancer

July 28 – New Moon in Leo

August 27– New Moon in Virgo

September 25 – New Moon in Libra

October 25 – New Moon in Scorpio

November 23 – New Moon in Sagittarius

December 23 – New Moon in Capricorn

According to Safer Date’s research, the best date in the calendar in 2022 is April 15.

Inbaal said: “It’s a Friday, which is love day, just hours before the full moon. The sun is in passionate, playful Aries, and the moon is in elegant, graceful Libra. Mercury is direct (not retrograde) in dependable Taurus, and Venus is in Pisces, one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac.

“An absolutely perfect day to look for love.

“Whether you’re new to the dating scene or ready to take a relationship to the next level, make a note of these days in your diary – even if you can’t meet up with your potential new beau on April 15, there are plenty of other days that’ll provide the perfect setting for your date.”


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