Best Agatha Christie Books Of All Time

Agatha Christie Books
Agatha Christie Books

So this week is Christie week, right?

Whether you have read all the books from the queen of mystery or just beginning with your ultimate Christie mystery, you cannot miss out on these books.

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1. The ABC Murders

This is probably one of the only Christie movies and a novel at that time that delved into the idea of a serial killer. An old and retired Hercule Poirot has lost his old fame. He is not just another retired detective who is not much respected by the new generation of coppers.

However, when a serial killer starts playing macabre games with him, it is up to Poirot to channel his old genius self to unmask the killer. Will it be easy? When the killer starts to kill his old clients in alphabetical order?

In reading this famous Christie novel, you will find that the story is so simple and yet so twisted. But, we can always trust our retired Belgian police officer Hercule Poirot to solve any mystery, right? Or is he losing his intellect with his age?

With all the life updates of Poirot and how he navigates to find the killer, this Christie is a real unputdownable.

2. And, Then There Were None

This book is a little different from your regular Poirot or Marple mystery but gives us an in-depth analysis of crime, justice, and how much racial division changed the way people feel and their sense of entitlement.

No, this is not a political novel, but if you are an avid reader who is a fan of psychoanalyzing everything, you will find the touch of the British colonial era and how it affected the white privileged class.

To the point that heinous crimes became justified!

This is a classic locked room mystery and probably one of Christie’s fan-favorite picks. Ten people were invited to an isolated mansion on a deserted island, but things took a sinister turn when they started ending up dead one by one, following the morbid detail of a nursery rhyme, ‘10 Little Soldier.’

3. A Murder Is Announced

If you are a fan of cozy village mystery, then this should be your next Saturday night pick. In the small peaceful village of Chipping Clegron, a murder was announced in the daily local newspaper.

Many took the advertisement as a fun game, and all gathered at the destined place of Miss. Blacklock’s house. However, a silly parlor game didn’t remain that silly when actual shots were fired, and someone was found dead in the living room.

Amidst the chaos and mayhem in the peaceful village, it is now upon the clever spinster Miss Marple to unravel the mystery and bring tranquility back to Chipping Cleghorn.

4. Murder At The Orient Express

This is a cult classic for any Agatha Christie fan. Another phenomenal locked room mystery with twists and turns, and the final act will leave you awestruck. The story deals with a tragic situation along with the insane wit and intellect of our favorite Hercule Poirot, who is trying to solve the murder of a man found dead, stabbed multiple times in one of the compartments of The Orient Express.

The reason why you should pick this book is that it will teach you everything you believe about crime and punishment. It is true; everything is not that black and white.

5. The Murder At The Vicarage

If you are a fan of our clever little spinster with china blue eyes who can literally solve a crime with her observation and conversation with the village dwellers, you shouldn’t miss out on her first-ever case.

Murder at the Vicarage is another cozy mystery that starts with Miss Marple and her exceptional sleuthing techniques, which solves the mystery of who killed the Vicar in her own study.

A Readathon On Its Way!

Now that you have your best pick, let the readathon begin. Whether you are a 24-hour reading challenge person or just picking the book for leisure, there is no doubt you will love them.

So, get a fuzzy blanket, get comfortable, and get lost in the world of Agatha Christie.

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