Best Apple AirPods Pro Deals: Lowest UK Price For Must-Have iPhone Earbuds


Looking for the best AirPods Pro deals? Here it is – Amazon UK has slashed these £239 wireless earbuds down to just £174.99 – with free next-day delivery for Prime members. That’s a great deal for these Apple-designed wireless ‘buds, which boast a sweat-resistant design, interchangeable tips for a better fit in your ears, active noise-cancellation to strip out background noise when listening to music and podcasts, support wireless charging, and include beam-forming microphones for crystal-clear phone calls and FaceTime videos.

In fact, it’s only £6 more than Apple charges for its third-generation AirPods, which do not ship with active noise-cancellation or interchangeable tips for a better seal. That’s a no-brainer as you’ll be getting the best AirPods that Apple sells for virtually the same cost as the mid-tier model.

AirPods Pro currently cost £239 from your local Apple Store, but unless you want to take advantage of Apple’s free engraving to personalise your charging case, there are much better deals to be had. has been scouring the best Apple AirPods Pro deals around right now…

AirPods Pro is powered by the custom-designed H1 chip, which enables some of the most popular features in AirPods, like Spatial Audio.

This small but powerful chipset is the reason you won’t find Spatial Audio on other third-party earbuds for the iPhone. It also enables the trademark one-tap pairing between Apple devices and AirPods, which saves you from digging through the Settings menu. Instead, the wireless ‘buds will pair the first time that you flip open the case beside an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. The AirPods will be synchronised with your Apple ID account. As such, if you own other Apple-branded devices, your new AirPods Pro will automatically switch as you move between them – and pair with your iPhone again as soon as you have an incoming call.

As such, you’ll never need to worry about pairing or unpairing, just pop the AirPods into your ears and the AI baked into the H1 chipset will do its best to work out which gadget you want to use the wireless ‘buds with. This allows you to take your AirPods out with an Apple Watch to listen to podcasts, playlists from Apple Music, or make phone calls from your wrist. As soon as you walk through the door and start playing a video on YouTube on an iPad, Apple will recognise that you’re no longer listening to the music from your Watch and switch over the AirPods to the new device.

Your new AirPods Pro arrive with a carry case that charges the battery of the earbuds when you’re on the move. With noise-cancellation switched on, AirPods Pro offer around 4.5 hours of listening time. With the case, you’ll be able to charge up the pair of AirPods Pro with enough battery life for 24-hours of music or podcasts, and a slightly shorter 18-hour total time when using the microphones for hands-free calls.

With the latest model of AirPods Pro – the version currently on sale at an all-time low from Amazon – the carry case can be recharged using a MagSafe charger, which snaps to the back of the case with magnets and charges at a faster speed. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models all support this new technology too, so you’ll be able to use the same MagSafe charger puck for both devices.

If you’re a Prime member, we’d recommend buying the Apple AirPods Pro from Amazon as you’ll enjoy next-day delivery at no extra cost – and in some areas, you might even be able to bag same-day delivery. Amazon is also known for its brilliant customer service, so if anything goes awry with the delivery and your shiny new ‘buds don’t arrive on time, you can be sure that the support team will find a solution for you.

If you don’t want to buy from Amazon, there are other options.

John Lewis has price-matched Argos and Amazon, dropping the £239 AirPods Pro down to £189 right now. There is one huge advantage of picking up your new pair of earbuds from John Lewis compared to the other retailers in this list – John Lewis doubles the hardware warranty period at no extra cost. That means you’ll get a longer hardware warranty compared to Amazon, Argos …and even Apple itself!

So while you’ll only enjoy a one-year warranty against any issues that crop up when you buy the AirPods Pro from Apple, Amazon, and Argos …those who purchase from John Lewis will be covered for two years. With any luck, these earbuds will last much longer than two years, but John Lewis means you’ll have an extra 12 months without worry. And you can order the AirPods Pro into store to collect, if that’s easier than arranging for delivery to your home address.

Argos has also dropped the price of AirPods Pro to match Amazon UK. If you have an Argos on your high street, it might be even faster than Amazon Prime to add these ‘buds to your basket and collect them from your local store later today. You’ll also be able to earn some Nectar points with your purchase, which can be redeemed on your next weekly shop in Sainsbury’s too. That’s something you won’t be able to replicate with a purchase from Amazon. Argos also offers delivery options if you’d rather not leave the house.

Currys has dropped the price of the AirPods Pro, but not quite enough to stand out on this list. However, if you need to collect your new wireless earbuds today, is it possible to check to arrange same-day collection, provided that your local store already has stock. At £219, these aren’t a terrible deal compared to the price tag at your nearest Apple Store. But given the savings available at other rival stores, it’s nothing to write home about.

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AirPods Pro launched in October 2019 and introduced a more compact form-factor. These ‘buds were also the first to introduce interchangeable silicone tips, which create a better seal within the ear canal than the one-size-fits-all approach employed by the original AirPods. Apple also added an Ear Tip Fit Test inside the Bluetooth menu that uses software to analyse whether you’ve fitted the best tips for your ear shape.

But the biggest selling point of the AirPods Pro was the introduction of active noise-cancellation. This technology leverages the four microphones included in the AirPods Pro to track low-frequency noise – like the rumble of inside a train carriage, the hum of an aeroplane’s engine, or the hubbub of colleagues talking – and neutralise it before it reaches the ear. To do this, AirPods Pro generates a sound that’s phase-inverted by 180-degrees to the unwanted low-frequency noise, which cancels out the original sound. Without the clatter of the world around you, you’ll be able to lower the volume and still hear your favourite podcast, album, TV episode or movie.

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Who Has The Best Price For AirPods Pro In The UK Right Now?

If you’re looking for the single best deal on the AirPods Pro in the UK right now, look no further than Amazon UK. For months, the online retailer had price-matched John Lewis and Argos. However, with its latest discount, Amazon has finally pulled ahead of the crowd. At £17.499, this is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for the popular wireless earbuds. And if you’re a Prime member, you’ll be able to get your new AirPods Pro delivered tomorrow at no extra cost. 


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