Best depreciated sports cars: Former $100 k vehicles

sports cars
sports cars

Not everybody gets a chance of having a sports car within the budget. and when these sports car prices are about to touch the ground, it is not always possible to get them. But suppose that everything quickly starts fixing, your children get scholarships, your house gets its own financial security, everything is planned, and a lottery that you got years back brings you the luck of $100k. Would you get one of the mom cars? or will you get one of your dream cars? Bet you think you should go for what you desire all your life.

So here are some sportscars that come in your budget and now following the scenario, it’s all that you need.

Bentley Arnage R

Arnage R is the type of GTC that every rapper has wished for. The horsepower and torque of the 6.57L V8 offer a turbo engine and wood leather combo to keep it safe from the outer world. If you have been working all day on the roads or just want to drive around for work, Arnage R is the one that should be taken into account.

Lotus Esprit Turbo

Better value often comes along with the oldest models, and that falls true with Esprit Turbo. Although it had been a millennium when Lotus Esprit Turbo launched, it still has the spark and is one of those cars that have been offered two turbos compact with a 3.5L V8. Needing a higher mileage can cost you around $30k.


Dodge Viper

Vipers have been introduced with a retail price of $50k-$60k. But here’s the time for enthusiasts to look for the depreciated cost which makes them much more affordable than ever before. Those who are constantly engaged with the viper models know that any model among V10 is a great way to invest in that not only makes your repo but also performs well. However, the economic conditions worldwide after the pandemic has slashed the new generation prices where Vipers start from $15K.

Hummer HI

This desert storm Hummvees has a price of $100,000 in use. Fortunately, the US military has all been around to auction their top careers instead of dumping these heavy vehicles at a much lower price. This mil-spec spartan is a little cashier than the civilian models. But it can be opted out for the prepper in the house as a Christmas gift or for a great Arnie cosplay. However, apart from being pricier, in every way, they are great vehicles.

Ferrari 308

Ferrari is the one that every childhood yearns. Now meet your childhood venture just in time when its prices are way down than ever before. A used Ferrari can be a whole lot of cars that can be offered for a real deal if you are looking for a used one. You can get a Mondial in between $30K and $40K but some find Mondial weird. Instead, a 308 GT4 even looks better, which may cost you a little extra. However, 308GT4 is surely a real Ferrari.

Acura NSX

Honda’s legendary car has now hit the market this year, then why get a new one with a price hike when there’s a chance of getting used in a way more classic condition than any other used car? That’s a fact that no other car got light and simple surreal dynamics at the price of $50K with high mileage. Also, you can find a mid-range Honda with $30K but if you are not a fan of low mileage, then you might think about a higher price tag. Although, whatever you take under a Honda tag, it’s sure to remain forever.



Jaguar XKR

It might not be that F-Type R, but that doesn’t mean it won’t satiate your needs. The best thing about investing in Jag is that the price you put on this machine will not depreciate as the one that goes with British cars.

Jag looks pretty cool and the sound of the V8 engine coming out of the engine will make you stand right in front of the sets of Fast and Furious. It’s a shiftable manumatic in this price and got an auto unarguably. It is expected to depreciate more in the next year but hang on, you might not retain the financial status till then. Act now.

Panoz Esperante

Make the most of the previous generation chassis of Mustang and bits from a legal race company to make a profit once sold. This combo of chassis and bits make an American-style sports car given a foreign name. Panoz is a darling to those who admire proper suspension and tuning for steering. This is one of the best cars that you get to drive over in years and about.

Last Drive

Whether you explore eBay, Autotraders, or any other platform for car purchases, make sure not to go flat over the deals. Make an informed decision adhering to your needs and get a car that you can maintain in the long run. Till then, best of luck with your car journey.

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