'Best use of outdoor space': How to make your garden look bigger – 'add structure'


A garden design expert has advised Britons to focus on structure and as well as “layering” to make their garden feel unique, as well as look larger. Jonny Brierley, a furniture expert, spoke with Express.co.uk.

The CEO of Moda Furnishings said homeowners should give just as much thought to their outdoor space as they do their interiors.

“Styling your outdoor space should require much the same level of consideration as indoor styling,” Jonny says.

“Think about layering pattern, colours and materials to create a setting that is personal to you and your style.”

He suggested popular rattan furnishing for a modern feeling.

“Rattan outdoor furniture can have both a modern feel if styled with monochrome accessories or a more traditional feel if styled with rustic throws and cushions,” Jonny said.

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“Firstly, it’s most important to think about the size of your space and how you wish to use it,” Jonny said.

“Whether you’re looking to curate different areas for lounging, al fresco dining or a designated BBQ spot, creating these individual areas will add structure to a garden and create a more relaxed atmosphere.

“There are several ways that you can zone a garden, whether it’s big or small.”

There are various ways to differentiate these different zones, including colour, height and lighting.

He told readers to focus on storage to increase space in the garden.

He said: “Storage and multifunctionality are the two key elements that all outdoor furniture for small gardens should have.”

Think, too, about buying furniture that can be used in multiple different ways to increase the potential of your garden.

A garden storage bench can be used as a table or a seat, as well as a way to tidy up garden items.


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