Best weight loss diet plan detailed by nutritionist – yoghurt and salmon to slim down fast


Clarissa is a nutritionist and a certified member of The British Association of Nutritionists. She gave readers a bespoke weight loss diet plan.

Clarissa also listed a number of other breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas to add to your meal rotation to aid with weight loss.

She advised omelettes for breakfasts, and healthy salads and protein-packed lunches for lunch.

Dinner ideas include stir fry with chicken, tofu, seafood, brown rice and wholemeal noodles.

Clarissa also suggested a chicken and Mediterranean veg traybake.

She told “Fad diets and diet plans are often why people end up giving up on their weight loss regime.

“They can be restrictive, unsustainable, and not particularly healthy.

“Often, when people stop following fad diets, they can find they end up regaining any weight lost, or sometimes gaining more.”

Clarissa posts her dietary advice on her Instagram account, @clarissalenherrnutrition.

The expert advises following “dietary principles” to slim down long term.

She said: “Aim for well-balanced meals at every opportunity.

“Your plate should be quarter protein, quarter complex carbohydrates, half vegetables and add on one or two tablespoons of fat.

“That sets you up for the right macro intake without restriction.”


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