Bloating remedies: FIVE diet changes and foods to avoid to stop bloated belly long term

Most people will experience bloating several times in their lives. Unpleasant as the experience is, it has several causes, and people can resolve the condition themselves without a doctor’s appointment. All they need to do is make a few dietary changes.

Avoid gassy grub

Bloating happens when the gastrointestinal (GI) tract fills with air, causing it to swell.

People can avoid the worst bloat by cutting down on the foods known to cause excess gas production.

The NHS lists five serial offenders many people will factor into their daily diets.

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Eat slower

Stepping away from individual foods for a second, people should also consider how they eat.

Eating too quickly promotes gas retention as it encourages the body to swallow additional air with a meal.

People ingest less air and avoid bloat when they try not to hoover down a meal.

Taking that additional time may, in the long run, help them lose weight as well, as it gives the stomach time to register food.

When to get professional advice

People can make all the above changes to their diet with minimal advice, but they may need to visit a doctor without improvement or renewed severity.

Rarely, but sometimes, bloating symptoms can indicate a more dangerous condition.

Bloating is an initial sign of some types of cancer, including those of the bowel or ovaries.

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