'Bomb Britain back to the Stone Age' Russian TV pundit demands Putin hits UK power plants


Russian political pundit Yaakov Kedmi has called for Britain to be bombed “back to the Stone Age” with Vladimir Putin’s new hypersonic Zircon missiles. Mr Kedmi, a former Israeli diplomat, boasted that “one or one and a half” launches of the submarine-based Zircon rocket would be needed to plunge the UK into darkness. He told Russia’s state-owned tv channel Russia1 that there would be no need to deploy the nuclear Sarmat missile to takedown Britain. 

Mr Kedmi told the state-owned Russian television channel Russia 1: “It’s overkill. Sarmat is too good, too big, for Great Britain.

“There is no need to use [such a big weapon] for Britain at all.”

“One or one-and-a-half launches from a multi-purpose submarine with Zircons will be enough.

“About 50 or 60 of Britain’s power stations will be gone in ten minutes and all of Britain will be back to the Stone Age.”

He continued: “Within ten minutes, nothing else is needed.

“It’ll be back to the Stone Age in ten minutes.”

It came after a military analyst had a brutally frank message for viewers of Russian state television

Since President Vladimir Putin ordered the February 24 invasion of Ukraine, Russian state media – and especially state television – have supported the Kremlin’s position. Few dissenting voices have been given air time.

That appeared to have changed on Monday night when one well-known military analyst gave a blunt assessment to Russia’s main state television channel of what Putin casts as the “special military operation.”

“You should not swallow informational tranquilizers,” Mikhail Khodaryonok, a retired colonel, told the “60 Minutes” talk show on Rossiya-1 hosted by Olga Skabeyeva, one of the most pro-Kremlin journalists on television.

“The situation, frankly speaking, will get worse for us,” said Khodaryonok, a regular guest on state TV who gives often candid assessments of the situation.

He said that Ukraine could mobilise one million armed men.

Mr Khodaryonok, a military columnist for the gazeta.ru newspaper and a graduate of one of Russia’s elite military academies, cautioned before the invasion that such a step would not be in Russia’s national interests.

“The desire to defend one’s motherland in the sense that it exists in Ukraine – it really does exist there and they intend to fight to the last,” he added.

Mr Khodaryonok said Russia needed to see the reality.

“The main thing in our business is have a sense of military-political realism: if you go beyond that then the reality of history will hit you so hard that you will not know what hit you,” he said.


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