Bongino: The Left's mask mandates are not about safety, they're about power


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Dan Bongino slammed mask mandates Saturday on “Unfiltered,” saying the policy only exists to protect the Left’s power.

DAN BONGINO: Remember the tragic New York City subway shooting last week? Dozens of passengers were seen running for their lives, all while keeping their masks on. Gerry Baker of The Wall Street Journal put it best in this: “The politicians and bureaucrats who run almost all major cities, many states and the federal executive branch seem to care more about preserving the symbol of their authority that mask mandates represent than about the actual physical safety of citizens.”

President Biden. 

President Biden. 
(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Here’s the point he’s kind of making there. A criminal is typically the person who wears a mask, but now the roles have been reversed, where the victims, us, subjected to the government’s power have to wear a mask, all because the people in charge demand it and tell you to do it. They love their mandates, don’t they? The mask mandate, which was supposedly there, by the way, to protect people from getting COVID, seems to be only there right now to protect the Left’s power. It’s become this global talisman, this visual symbol of their power to control you. That’s why they won’t let it go. It’s right there, up at eye-level too. 


This flip-flop from Joe — in just a matter of hours, by the way — shows even the president is bowing to the power of the federal bureaucracy, also known as the Swamp, AKA the CDC.

Well, Biden knows he can’t undermine the authority of the swampy CDC right now and keep his grip on power at the same time. It’s all from the same well, you see. Then there’s inflation, there’s an obvious fix here, right folks? Raise interest rates, stop borrowing and spending a lot of money we don’t have — it’s not complicated, my 10-year-old can figure it out. But no, no, you see, that would transfer power from the government back to individuals who get to keep their money. So instead, the hapless Biden administration wants to raise the corporate tax rate and spend even more money under his Build Back Better plan. You see, it’s all about keeping their power and keeping you away from it. Big government, small individuals.



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