Brexit Britain hailed as 'world sporting leader' – Tory MP touts 'golden success story'


Mr Freer, Tory MP for Finchley and Golders Green, was speaking in the midst of a trip to Atlanta and Los Angeles, host of the 2028 Olympic Games, both locations which have seen sport and business inextricably linked to boosting sporting achievements while supporting local businesses and the economy. He explained: “The UK and US have long held deep sporting ties – and we not only see millions of sports fans watching sports from across the Atlantic, but regularly see NFL and other US sports teams playing in the UK, and Premier League sides tour the states.

“Ahead of London 2012, experts from Georgia helped UK officials deliver our ambition of staging the greenest and most digital games to date.

“In return, British businesses have worked on some fantastic initiatives to help to support football team Atlanta United as well as the formation of a social-inclusion project called Station Soccer, which helps young people access free football programmes across the city.”

In the same way that the UK received support from the US to organise London 2012, Britain knew “all too well” the hard work behind hosting such huge international sporting events.

Consequently, both the UK Government and UK businesses were keen to show support to officials to offer any technical, logistical and sporting expertise to ensure the smooth running of the Olympics in six years’ time, Mr Freer stressed.

He added: “The UK is a world leader when it comes to hosting major international events as we’ve seen since London 2012, the 2015 Rugby World Cup and last year’s Euros.

“This year we are hosting the Women’s Euro Football Championships, the Rugby League World Cup and the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

“Our sporting pedigree goes without saying, and therefore our expertise is invaluable to other nations around the world looking to host similar events.”

The UK had strong sporting relationships across the US already which could be enhanced still further by collaborating closely on projects like the LA 2028 Games, Mr Freer emphasised.

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He said: “By helping our friends around the world hosting these events, it not only binds us closer, but also provides crucial injections of cash as well as creating new jobs for British firms who are able to win contracts and offer support.

“We have to remember that trade is more than just physical goods, but critical services too which the UK excels at, and I’m excited to see UK companies get involved in the gold rush to win contracts to help deliver these huge international events.”

Turning his attention to ASOS, which was founded in 2000, which now has annual revenue of £3.26 billion, employing 4,000 people, Mr Freer said: “ASOS is a golden example of a British success story that is now growing around the world.”

He added: “It’s fantastic to see UK businesses like ASOS successfully setting up and growing their operations in the US.

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“Their $100m investment in Atlanta has created almost 2,000 jobs and is a sign of how significant the relationship between the UK and Georgia is and I’m confident this will help them reach even more customers across North America.”

Mr Freer is following up his trip to the States with a visit to Colombia, Bolivia and Ecuador. in South America.

He said: “There’s a vast wealth of exporting opportunities the UK can tap into right across South America, and I’m looking forwards to meeting with my counterparts and putting British businesses firmly on the radar.

“From infrastructure projects to green energy, there are multiple avenues that businesses across both sides of the Atlantic can benefit from, which is why I’m expecting a productive few days in these three great nations.”


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