Brian May: 'Queen would have fallen apart without Freddie, everyone was wrong about him'


In the extraordinary new interview with Classic Rock, Brian said: “It’s funny, because if it had been just me and Roger we would never have stuck together…

“We needed someone who would be the diplomat. And, strangely enough, Freddie was that guy.

“Everybody thinks that Freddie was that flyaway guy, but he was very pragmatic. If he saw a situation that was arising between me and Roger, he would manage to find a way through, a compromise.

“One of Freddie’s great catchphrases was: ‘We don’t compromise.’ But within the band we did. And that’s why we survived.”

The popular impression over the years was that Freddie and John formed a close bond while Brian and Roger formed another. But when they are asked who they were closest to in the band, both give the same answer. 

Brian’s, of course, is much longer…


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