British homeowner creates incredible DIY Downton Abbey-inspired period kitchen – pictures


Real estate manager Elizabeth O’Connor’s kitchen is full of gorgeous copper moulds, bold colours, and traditional accessories and has all the right elements for an Edwardian-style kitchen. Elizabeth who shares her home on @cranstonehouse on Instagram said Downton was an inspiration for her and she loved the “modest utilitarian” style of the famous TV kitchen.

She said: “The inspiration for my kitchen came from many places; primarily from spending hours looking at a multitude of images on Pinterest.

“I did also feel inspired by Downton Abbey. Sometimes I come home from work and think ‘I just want to go to Downton’ so I put on the show and escape into the fantasy.

“The sets are beautiful and the story is warm – the Downton kitchen is just gorgeous in a modest utilitarian way.”

Elizabeth’s dark green walls kitchen walls contrast with the copper elements. A large Belfast sink, and open shelving give a traditionally vintage look.

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“All those sheets are big and extremely heavy. I brought my 19-year-old daughter in to help me lay the sheets in place and we managed it.”

She started to install the cabinets herself but called in a carpenter when she realised the Shaws sink was too heavy to lift.

Elizabeth has an extensive collection of vintage copper moulds, pots, and pans which are the most eye-catching piece of the space.

The pieces are hung on the wall and over the door way, giving her kitchen the classic Downton look.

How to create a period-style kitchen

The elements that are crucial for a period-style kitchen like you see in Downton Abbey include:

  • Ceramics and stoneware
  • Open shelving
  • Copper, iron, and granite
  • Belfast sinks, hanging utensils, butcher block style worktops, or marble for luxe
  • Cornices and architraves

Polly Shearer, kitchen interiors expert at Tap Warehouse said: “We expect to see an increase in demand for period-style kitchen products when the new Downton Abbey film is released.

“If you want to achieve this look on a budget we recommend focusing on adding copper accessories to your kitchen, which can be bought for cheap on eBay, and re-creating Instagrammer Elizabeth’s statement wall of copper moulds, pots, and pans.”


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