Briton has half his skull removed after assault in New Zealand 'Shocked he got his far'


Josh Storer, 26, from Derby, will need to have part of his skull replaced after an alleged assault left him with life-threatening injuries. After the incident on July 9, he was rushed to hospital in Auckland, New Zealand, where he had to have extensive brain surgery and was kept in an induced coma for three weeks.

Josh has now been told that his skull, that was originally removed to relieve pressure on his brain after the incident, is no longer suitable and a replacement skull must be made for him.

However, Josh needs to wait for Auckland to drop down to alert level two so he can have his operation. 

Josh had been working as a plumber in New Zealand for more than three years and his family was unable to see him due to Covid travel restrictions.

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“I wouldn’t say it’s the exact same Josh as before the accident, but I would say mostly.

“He’s forgetful, he’s going to have some trouble with problem solving and things like that, and emotions can be up and down hour to hour.

“In terms of the damage, that’s irreversible. There’s quite a lot of scarring on the frontal lobe.

“The doctors are shocked that he got this far to be honest. They told us to prepare for the worst, so to be honest I think he’s a bit of a miracle.”

Sian said Josh’s future prognosis is still uncertain.

Friends have rallied round the family to raise money to enable them to stay in New Zealand.

A total of £14,620 has been raised on a GoFundMe page set up by a friend of the family and more money has been raised by friends in New Zealand towards the cost of flying and staying in the country.

They also organised a charity football match at the Borrowash Victoria AFC ground on September 19, which raised £3,522.

Sian said: “Being with us will go a long way to aid in his recovery and mental wellbeing. He will be an outpatient and still receive after care.

“It’s amazing how many people came together to help a family in crisis and we’re just so grateful to them all.”


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