Britons furious after shoppers 'intimidated' by Union Jack on Morrisons food 'Be proud!'


One person added: “Well done Morrisons, makes it easier to buy British goods and support our farmers and food producers.”

Many readers slammed the comments made by the customers offended by the presence of the Union Jack flag, finding them “ridiculous”.

One reader wrote: “You have to wonder at the mentality of these people. Possibly, British, living in the UK yet complaining of produce grown or reared in the UK with the UK flag on advertising it. Why don’t they move to a country they would feel happy?”

Another commented: “I am British born and bred. Live in Britain, worked in Britain and buy British whenever I can. I am not ashamed of the British flag and welcome it on produce made in Britain as it is easily noticed and makes shopping quicker. The EU are proud in their flag and fly it everywhere, why not us. Proud to be British.”


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