Britons should wash their hair 'at night' to save hundreds on energy bills this winter


Although the hairdryer is not the appliance which consumes the most energy in the house, people use it on a daily basis. According to USwitch, using a hairdryer for eight minutes uses up to 1.8 kilowatts and the cost of electricity currently stands at 34p per kWh, according to the energy regulator Ofgem.

This means that in the UK, the average cost of using a hairdryer for eight minutes is 6p a day, but this can add up if it is used for longer and on a daily basis.

Experts at Homebuilding commented that knowing peak and off-peak timings is essential to save on energy bills this winter.

But when should you dry your hair?

First, Britons need to check the tariff their house is attached to, such as the Economy 7, SSE’s Off-peak E and Green Energy UK’s Tide Tariff.

If you are on one of these or a similar tariff, “households should be able to save money” by using the hairdryer, and any other appliance, “at night as power is less in demand,” the experts explained.

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The cheaper Economy 7 time period usually runs either 11pm to 6am, 12am to 7am, or 1am to 8am.

Therefore, it is recommended people have a shower and wash their hair at night and dry it just before going to bed to save money.

Alternatively, they can do this early in the morning, ideally before 7am.

Mark Robinson, head of product management at tech accessories brand Belkin, backed this up saying: “Most providers set off-peak hours between midnight to 7am when electricity is charged at a cheaper rate.


“If your meter shows two sets of numbers rather than a single reading, you are on an Economy seven or Economy 10 meter.

“Meaning you’ll have seven or 10 hours at night where electricity is charged at a less expensive rate.”

On Economy 10, off-peak hours are usually split throughout a 24-hour period.

“It will vary by provider, but in an evening these may fall between 8pm to 10pm and then a second window later into the night from midnight to 5am,” he explained.

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What uses the most energy in the house?

Tumble dryers

Washing machines



Light bulbs


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