BT just made its fibre broadband cheaper but don’t join until you see what Vodafone offers


Vodafone says this will offer BT customers a saving of over £200 when they switch over from the Fibre 2 home broadband service.

Vodafone’s Superfast 2 broadband service offers average speeds of up to 67Mbps, which is enough bandwidth for multiple members of your household to connect to Wi-Fi and stream, game and surf the web on numerous devices all at the same time.

Vodafone is also offering new customers a signing-on bonus with Amazon Fire 8 HD Tablets being given away to those taking out a new broadband plan.

If you need something a bit faster than what Superfast 2 has to offer, then Vodafone has you covered. You can instead sign up to the Vodafone Pro Broadband service which offers lighting fast, Gigabit broadband speeds of up to 900Mbps.

That’s enough bandwidth to download an HD movie in around 30 seconds. Woah, that’s fast!

Vodafone Pro Broadband also offers an “unbreakable” connection thanks to it being backed up by the mobile provider’s 4G network. So if your home broadband goes down for any reason then you’ll have a fall back plan, which is ideal if you need a constant internet connection if you’re still working from home.

Prices for Vodafone Pro begin from £30 a month, with Vodafone Pro Xtra priced from £38 a month. Vodafone broadband contracts also run for £24 months, so that’s something else to bear in mind before signing up.

This new Vodafone deal comes after BT recently slashed the prices of a range of fibre broadband plans.

The Fibre Essential plan, which offers download speeds of between 35 and 36Mbps, usually costs £28.99 a month but has been reduced to £26.99.

Fibre 1 meanwhile, which has download speeds of between 49 and 50Mbps, usually costs £29.99 a month but has been reduced to £27.99.

While BT’s Fibre 2, which can offer download speeds of 73Mbps, has had its price reduced from £33.99 to £31.99 a month.


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