BT offers you FREE broadband until 2022 but this ludicrous deal ends tomorrow

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Fancy getting your broadband for free until next year? Well, that’s exactly what BT is offering its customers with the telecoms firm dishing out internet access for the next three months without it costing a penny.

That means those signing up won’t pay anything for their broadband speeds until March 2022. Sound enticing? Well, you haven’t got long to sign up with BT confirming that this deal will end tomorrow, Thursday December 2.

There’s also no upfront fees to pay and all the equipment you need to get online will also be sent out for free.

Once the initial three months are up you’ll then pay the standard price for the rest of the contract with BT’s plans starting from £27.99 per month for basic 36Mbps speeds, £28 for 50Mbps or £32.99 per month for faster 70Mbps downloads.

These three month free deals are for broadband-only and broadband with a phone line although they don’t include any TV channels. YOU CAN SEE ALL THE DEALS HERE

If you need some help choosing what speeds are best for you then here is a simple guide to pick the right plan.

36Mbps broadband • Time to download a full HD movie – 16 minutes

50 Mbps broadband • Time to download a full HD movie – 11 minutes

75 Mbps broadband • Time to download a full HD movie – 7 minutes

100 Mbps broadband • Time to download a full HD movie – 5 minutes

200 Mbps broadband • Time to download a full HD movie – 3 minutes

It’s also worth noting that the more people you have in your home the faster the speeds you’ll need. That’s because the internet is a bit like a motorway – the more traffic that flows along it the slower it can get.

That means if your children are watching Netflix and downloading PS5 games you might struggle to make your morning Zoom calls without it buffering.

As BT explains, its basic Fibre Essential plan is suitable for everyday browsing and streaming on one or two devices at once.

Whereas its faster Fibre 2 is good for streaming, gaming and downloading in HD on lots of devices at once.

Obviously, the faster the speeds the more you’ll pay but it’s worth making sure you get the right plan before signing up for two years.

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