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Business solutions
Business solutions

Most larger companies have excellent systems in place to prevent disruption, and all information is documented so that it can be easily processed, stored and retrieved. Often this data has to be printed, for reference, use by customers and vendors. Additionally data is often received in the form of documents, which have to be scanned or processed to store them digitally or retrieve relevant information from them. Manual printing and document processing is time consuming and expensive, so increasingly companies are interested in dynamic business solutions which help in organizing their documents to reduce their printing, document processing costs.


In offices a large number of documents are printed for internal reference as well as use by business associates like customers, vendors, government agencies. Printing is expensive, since the paper, ink/toner and printer costs have to be paid for each printout. The price of a printout will vary depending on the printer which is used. The cost of each printout is lower for more expensive laser printers, while each printout will cost more if affordable inkjet printers . The business solution provider will evaluate the printing requirement of the business and recommend the right printers to reduce the printing expenses. Zintego free invoices software for your business

Digitizing offices

Earlier most companies received data in the form of documents which were then handled by employees, who also sent documents to vendors and customers. However handling these documents is time consuming, and they can get misplaced or damaged. Hence increasingly larger companies are investing in digitizing their office, so that all the data is in digital format. In addition to reducing the clutter in the office, it is easier to organize the documents, track who is accessing, modifying the documents. It is also easier to take a backup of these digitized documents so that they are not lost.

However, most businesses do not have the inhouse expertise for digitizing, hence it is advisable to hire the services of digitization solutions provider. The solutions provider will usually offer consultancy, implement and manage the digitization. The experienced staff of the solutions provider will first evaluate the business processes, understand the documents which are generated, handled and sent to business associates. The solutions provider will then finalize the digitized workflow, how to convert the documents into digital format and reduce the number of documents generated in future. They will also implement the digitization, procuring the necessary scanning and digital data storage equipment. Their staff will also ensure that all data remains in digital format.

Other solutions

Increasingly businesses and devices are being connected on the internet, and the solution provider will implement the internet of things to reduce the business expenses. In the healthcare sector, hospitals and doctors have to keep detailed records of their patients, including diagnostic reports, medicines prescribed and effectiveness of the medical treatment. Scanning and storing these records in digital format using the latest imaging technology saves time, money and makes it easier to comply to regulatory requirements. The data from measuring instruments is also stored in digital format for easier processing, saving time and money. Business solutions can be customized to meet the requirement of different businesses.

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