Call of Duty Warzone and Cold War double XP warning and levelling up guide for Season 4

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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone’s double XP event is coming to an end.

The double XP event launched alongside the beginning of Call of Duty Season 4.

Unfortunately, the short-term event is already coming to an end, so you’d better act now if you want to earn some bonus XP.

The Call of Duty Warzone and Cold War double XP promotion ends at 6pm BST on June 21.

“There’s little time to waste with Double XP AND Double Weapon XP live now in both games until June 21 and the Ground Fall Event active during Season Four’s first week.”

To help fans get the most out of the event and to level up quickly, Activision has released a guide for levelling up.

The key point is to play as often as possible, and to complete the new challenges when they become available.

“If you’re just joining us with this edition of the Prestige Primer, then welcome to our seasonal shared journey toward Prestige Master (Level 200) and Tier 100 of the Season Four Battle Pass.

“Our best shot of getting there every season is to play often, make use of Double XP when available, and complete challenges and events whenever possible.

“The first part will come easy, and the second hinges on tactically using Double XP, Double Weapon XP, and Double Battle Pass XP Tokens, in addition to taking advantage of Double XP Weekends (like this one!).”

As for the Ground Fall Event, fans must complete objectives in both Cold War and Warzone. As Activision points out, the objectives all revolve around the new content available within the game.

“Each objective completed in this set grants you an exclusive reward, such as a Calling Card or even a retro Arcade Game within Black Ops Cold War, along with bonus XP.

“Complete all Black Ops Cold War or Warzone objectives for this event, and you’ll get the “Private Party” Epic Weapon Blueprint as a reward. If you’re a true completionist, you can finish all six objectives to collect all the loot available in the event.”

One challenge tasks players with earning 1,000 points from captured Sat-Link stations on Black Ops Cold War.

“Because this challenge hinges on defensive play, it may be wise to use a loadout with defensive Field Upgrades and Equipment. Try using Smoke Grenades to conceal yourself on the point, or use a Trophy System to block incoming projectiles.”

More self-explanatory is the challenge tasking player with getting 250 Eliminations in matches on Collateral, Collateral Strike, Hijacked, or Amsterdam.

Over in Warzone, players must secure 5 Sat-Link Stations, eliminate 10 enemies while near an active Sat-Link Station, and collect 3 rewards from crashed satellites.

Activision recommends equipping a close to medium range weapon in order to have the best possible chance of completing the missions and levelling up.

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