Camilla and Charles body language shows ‘nesting’ – but Charles still ‘star of the show’


Although Camilla should be Queen Consort when Charles succeeds his mother, it was previously announced by Clarence House that she would not take this title.

The Duchess will continue her royal duties along with Charles but will be known as Princess Consort.

In her 16 years within the Royal Family, Camilla has become patron to several organisations and charities, meaning she is kept very busy in her role.

As well as appearing at royal engagements with Charles, she is often seen on her own too.

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“This love of the spotlight became suppressed in later years, when he was competing first with Diana and then with two far more charismatic sons, but now with Camilla he appears in some moments to be loving every minute of the public attention.

“Camilla is a body language enabler of this trait as she is always more than happy to step back and attract minimum attention. 

“When they pose close together then we can see some mirroring with the mutual hunching and hand clasps, but when Charles warms to his performance, walking ahead and using attention-seeking gestures like the point and the splayed arms, he can do so confidently.”

The royal’s aren’t the only couple who show signs of mirroring in their walking and sitting positions.

Kate Middleton and William have been seen mirroring one another for years, often photographed sitting in the same position or laughing together.

The couple were last seen out last month when they visited Devon and Cornwall for three days, something they do each year.

The royal’s visited organisations together as well as Charles marking the official launch of the Royal College of Nursing’s Prince of Wales Nursing Cadet Scheme.

Although Camilla and Charles have appeared to be closer in recent months, the expert explained that intimacy between the two is kept for official photos.

She said: “Any more intimate signals tend to be reserved for the kind of official photos they have taken for birthdays and anniversaries and in these we do get a glimpse of a much more openly fond relationship as Camilla relaxes and switches out of her more formal royal role.”

Judi added that Charles does this knowing he is not being “upstaged” by Camilla, who is “probably his greatest fan”.

Previously, the body language expert explained that Charles often walks in front of Camilla, a few steps ahead of her.

The expert said: “Charles usually pulls rank when he appears with Camilla, walking and posing slightly ahead of her and rarely referencing her or communicating with her openly in a way that would suggest she is one half of a very royal double act.”


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