Campaigners demand Drive Thru takeaways 'print car registrations' on packaging

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A new petition is calling for all restaurants to be required to print customers’ number plate registration details on all take away packaging they hand out. Campaigners say this will “cut down on the amount of litter” as motorists will be accountable for their own rubbish.

They say the new rule would “improve areas” and ensure litter did not blight roadsides across the country.

Petition founder Elizabeth Wright has also warned the new rule could save taxpayers money which is used to clear away the rubbish.

The poll has so far received over 59,300 signatures and is closing in on the 100,000 needed to be debated in parliament.

However, the petition’s deadline is set for 30 September 2021 meaning motorists have just two more months to force a debate.

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Responding to the poll, it said: “We believe that businesses should try to reduce the amount of litter their products generate.

“The Litter Strategy sets out how we intend to work with the relevant industries to tackle certain types of problematic litter, including fast-food packaging.

“We do not think it would be cost-effective to require take-away food vendors to implement a vehicle registration number printing and tracing system for packaging.

“This is due to the additional burden it would place on these businesses and those involved in enforcement.

In some places, street litter notices may also be in place to stop excessive rubbish.

These notices require an owner to take action to prevent litter including taking action up to 10 metres away from the premises.

Drivers can also be issued fines of between £65 and £150 if they are caught throwing litter from their vehicle.

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