Can Jordan Clarkson carry the Philippines’ Basketball National Team to worldwide success?

There are a lot of talks going on about the future of both the Filipino national team and Utah Jazz PG, Jordan Clarkson, who besides being an American citizen, also holds a Filipino passport. This curious fact is only possible thanks to Clarkson’s mom. who was born in the Philippines, but got into a relationship with Clarkson’s father, who was born in the US.

A few years back, the NBA Fil-Am player got himself in the midst of a life dilemma: should he play basketball professionally and defend the US national team, or look for his mom’s country and honor and strengthen their connections with it? It’s kinda easy to say now, that the decision of playing for Gilas Pilipinas was taken, but it might have been such a hard time for Clarkson, who gave up on the best basketball at the country level in the world in order to honor the colors of his and his mom’s homeland.


If we take a look at Clarkson’s numbers in the NBA, we can see that while the player hasn’t been as brilliant as other legends of the sport, he has done enough in order to attract a respectable amount of fans and build his NBA career as an experienced player. There’s a growing expectation for a start to the NBA season, and this could be a huge opportunity for making some quid online through bookmakers. Last season marked not only the return of the mighty Golden State as a world champion, but it was also one of the best years for NBA online betting, with millions of wagers laid every single day throughout the whole world. This could be another great season also for local Filipinos who want to either get started with punting or for the ones who’re looking for a new betting site NBA to place their money on. Tether betting is one of the best sites to punt on in the Philippines nowadays, but if you’re looking for a new hidden gem to put money on it, make sure you don’t miss out on top-notch, free tips provided by one of the most respectable review websites, which we just outlined a few sentences ago.


We’ll be looking at a few numbers and some stats from J. Clarkson not only throughout his NBA career but also from his games for Gilas from now on. We’ve got a little bit of a helping hand from betting expert Evelyn Balyton, who went through the official stats and numbers from Clarkson and managed to help us big time here. This piece of text wouldn’t be possible without her amazing work, and in case you’d like to give her a follow, you can do so by checking her profile here


Well, let’s have a look at Clarkson’s numbers, shall we?

Jordan Clarkson’s overall career stats  

Actively playing in the NBA for 12 seasons in a row, Clarkson has managed to play in precisely 600 games thus far, which is considered a very respectable amount of games. Regarding other stats throughout his NBA time, he’s been averaging the following numbers across the four teams he’s played at so far:


  • 15.4 PPG
  • 2.5 APG
  • 0.9 SPG
  • 0.1 BPG


Although he’s going for his 4th season with the Utah team, JC has already played four seasons before in the league, as he defended the Los Angeles Lakers from 2015 to 2018. Although his steals and blocks stats aren’t relevant, we can’t say the same as for his points. The Utah Jazz might be one of the most backed teams in the Philippines, and should, thus, be a good pick to bet on the best NBA online betting Philippines.

Clarkson’s Recent Gilas’ Stats

Although JC has been playing for Gilas since 2018, he’s already been making a difference whenever he’s playing for the Philippines. His recent games against Saudi Arabia and Lebanon highlight that, as he dropped over 20 points on both occasions, and although he got the L against Lebanon, he managed to carry Gilas to the win over SA a few days ago. 

Will Clarkson help Gilas to achieve international silverware? 

It’s kind of hard and maybe even unfair to say or judge a player who’s got over 10 seasons playing constantly in the NBA based on a couple of games here and there. The fact is: Gilas perform better with JC than without him, so it might be a good, positive point for him to begin with. The fairest point here could be summed up by stating that even though JC is amongst the best players in the world, he can’t grab miraculous performances with Gilas at a global level all the time. 


Will he be able to pull off a heroic performance in an eventual Olympic final against the US National team and perhaps bring the gold medal to Gilas? Only time will tell, but while it doesn’t happen, Gilas should seriously focus on working and lapidating a few promising players just like Kai Sotto in order to stick together with Clarkson and look for greater things in the future.



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