Can Newcastle Make the 2023/2024 UEFA Champions League?

UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League

The EPL is heating up, and we have more competition with the Saudis buying Newcastle in a late takeover last season. The move has made the team even better than they were before the start of the season, and bettors can now trust them as a favored pick. It is now like when you want to bet on a top team’s MLB spreads.

Newcastle finished high up on the log, even though they were 20th before the takeover. They struggled through the first half of the season, and we saw a different team once the second half started. It was epic, and we could see the team bring on more. In that case, we believe this team is on course to becoming one of the best in the league.

They now have the funds to chase the players they want and can strengthen their teams as they want. Therefore, it would be easy to build enough squad depth to take them to incredible heights. In that case, we would love to see how they would perform when the new season starts.

Undoubtedly, their odds would have changed, and we would have a team with one of the top odds. We’ve seen this happen many times with MLB odds, where multiple teams have close odds to finish in the playoffs. Newcastle is on course to be one of the teams to get a top finish in the 2022/2023 season.

However, given how tough the league can get, we can’t tell how high the team would finish. Therefore, it would be hard to predict. However, with their newly found money and ability to buy the top players on the market, Newcastle can become a top dog on the betting lines, like the top teams when you check out MLB lines.

The team has a lot to change, but they are already on course to do that. In that case, would Newcastle get enough points to qualify for the 2023/2024 UCL competition? Keep reading to find out what we think.

The Transfer Window Positives

With the transfer window opens, you can see that the team is gearing up to bring some reinforcement to show that they are serious about challenging for the top spot. Competing with the other teams in the transfer window would not be easy, especially for the signature of top stars worldwide, as they would want Champions League football.

Therefore, they would have to do with above-average players to build on the momentum they already gained last season. In that case, we might not see any significant signing yet, but it would be incredible to see how they would set up with the top players on the market. It would be something.


The team would face plenty of challenges, especially now that teams know they are better than they used to be. They can’t continue to be the underdogs. Therefore, they would have to break low blocks as more teams would be working on stopping their attacks. In that case, they have to be prepared to take chances once they come.

Against the top teams, they can’t continue to defend as well. They would have to make an effort to win the game, which can expose them, especially against teams that are ferocious in the attack. Therefore, watching how they plan to overcome these challenges once the new season starts would be exciting.

The EPL Big Six

The Big Six hasn’t changed; Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, and Manchester United are still the favorites to get the top four next season. It would take a lot of work for any team to break into this union. West Ham has been trying, but they fall short towards the end of the season.

It is also the same with Leicester, who was fortunate enough to push when the Big Six were out and won the league. However, since then, they’ve only come close but never broken into the top four spots. Therefore, Newcastle has their work cut out for them if they are going to take the place of any of these teams.

Our Thoughts

We expect the team to do a lot of work in the transfer window to ensure they have what it takes to push into the top four spots. They might have gotten in if it was a few years ago when Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham were struggling.

However, with Chelsea’s rebuild, Arsenal’s quest for glory, and Conte changing the dynamics in Tottenham, finishing above two of these three would require plenty of work. But Newcastle has the means to become one of the top teams in the league. Therefore, there is a possibility, but we don’t think they would qualify for the 2023/2024 UCL competition.

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