'Canceled in the USA': Dan Bongino hears from celebrities, everyday Americans targeted by cancel culture

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Cancel culture is no doubt pervading the country, with countless examples of once-beloved names being tarnished and careers being decimated for what Dan Bongino calls “the most innocuous things.”

For the first time, Bongino asserts, both celebrities and ordinary Americans are scared that the ‘woke mob’ will come for them. 

To add insult to injury, rather than protecting free speech, conservatives at large believe tech oligopolies are abetting the cancellations and censorship — with incidents supporting their claims continuing to make headlines. 

How can this kind of perceived character assassination take place in an open, democratic, free society with a constitutional right to free speech?

The Fox News host fronts a new five-part series, “Canceled in the USA” on Fox Nation to answer that very question, hearing from canceled Americans who never thought they’d be caught in the crosshairs.


Bongino joined “Fox & Friends” Monday to promote the release of the first episode, now available to stream exclusively on the subscription-based service. The appearance included a clip of his interview with stand-up comedian and actor Gilbert Gottfried, perhaps best known for his uniquely shrill voice, crude sense of humor, and controversial jokes.

“When I hear about another person getting in trouble now, I always think, ‘oh thank God, them and not me,’ because I’ve been through it a few times,” Gottfried said of his experience. 

The actor, who was fired from the insurance company Aflac as the iconic voice of its duck mascot in 2011 following a series of tweets related to the Japanese Tsunami (which resulted in upwards of 15,000 deaths), pointed to the ease, convenience, and expedient nature of the internet as being the crux of the problem.


Other notable guests the series lends its voice to include radio personality Adam Carolla, Professor Carol Swain, and former VisuWell CEO Sam Johnson.

Five episodes, serving as five “acts” within a story that sees canceled Americans fighting back, are set to drop each day this week on the platform — with “Canceled Without Warning” already available to stream. 

“Cancel culture looms around every corner,” warned Bongino.” And if you think it isn’t changing the fabric of the country, you need to think again.”

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