Child, 9, earns £20million from YouTube – making him highest paid YouTuber

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Ryan’s World has countless videos of the nine-year-old unboxing and reviewing toys, which has seen him become one of the highest paid YouTubers. This four-foot icon has also signed a deal for his own Nickelodeon TV series, the details of which are currently undisclosed but expected to come with a multi-million pound pay cheque.

His most popular video reached more than two billion views, achieving the exclusive title of one of the most-viewed videos ever on YouTube.

This achievement sees Ryan join the likes of Ed Sheerans’ Shape of You, Justin Biebers’ Despacito and Baby Shark by Pinkfong.

His family, including parents and younger twin sisters, also revel in the child influencers’ fame.

Once his channel gained proper momentum, his family changed their real surname to that of his on-screen surname and helped him run eight additional YouTube channels.


From this selection of channels, Ryan’s World is the most popular with 41.7 million subscribers and over 12 billion views.

Before reaching double digits, Ryan has become the face and name of his own brand now carried by the likes of Walmart, Target and Amazon.

Ryan’s success, although packed with controversy due to his age, proves that no real qualifications, technology or specific skillset is needed to achieve YouTube success, simply an idea and a desire.

Some also argue that his success is partially due to his appeal and true connection to his target audience, as well as the lack of suitable content for this age group on the YouTube platform.

Rhett and Link – nerdy talkshow and one of the longest-standing popular channels


Markiplier – video game content and streaming


Preston Arsement – Minecraft content


Nastya – six-year-old lifestyle vlogger and Lego enthusiast


Blippi – educational channel and the only adult YouTuber focused on children’s content

David Dobrik – expensive stunts and influencer vlogs


Jeffree Star – makeup influencer


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