Chilling tour of UK’s ‘most haunted castle’ where the staff see ghosts in rooms


In a spine-chilling TikTok video posted by @rebbeebee viewers can see more of the castle’s gloomy and foreboding interior on a creepy tour that was completed in total darkness. The clip points out one particular room where the narrator felt “a sudden strange coldness”.

The room in question is called The Edward Room, the most ancient state room in the castle where King Henry III once stayed and Elizabethan documents were found in a secret compartment.

The castle offers highly popular ghost tours, giving any guests who are brave enough the chance to experience the same spooky sensations.

But visitors should beware of the ghostly goings on that have been reported in the past, with stories of guests having their hair pulled or being pushed by unseen forces, and even staff members hearing a mysterious voice instructing them to “get out”.


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