China humiliates Putin as ex-official says 'only matter of time' before Russian defeat


He also argued that Russia had lost “its strategic leadership and initiative” and could no longer decide “when and how” the war will end. The remarks will come as a major embarrassment and blow to Russia’s leader, who has carefully been courting Beijing’s support for his military adventurism in Ukraine. Gao Yusheng served as an ambassador to Ukraine for his country from 2005 until 2007 and is still regarded as an influential thinker on foreign affairs.

Although he may not be able to directly influence China’s leaders, the former ambassador is still believed to be highly respected by academics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).

CASS is an important think tank for the Communist Party and government, according to David Cowhig – a retired expert on China for the US foreign service.

In comments first published on the website of Phoenix News last week, Mr Yusheng predicted military defeat for Russia in Ukraine and claimed the country’s revival under Putin was “false”.

He said: “The so-called revival or revitalization of Russia under Putin’s leadership is false; it simply does not exist.

“Russia’s decline is evident in its economic, military, technological, political, and social spheres, and has had a serious negative impact on the Russian military and its war effort.”

The former diplomat added: “The failure of the Russian blitzkrieg and the failure to achieve a quick victory signalled the beginning of the Russian defeat.

“The Russian military’s economic and financial strength, which are not commensurate with its status as a so-called military superpower, could not support a high-tech war costing hundreds of millions of dollars a day.

“The Russian army’s poverty-driven defeat was evident everywhere on the battlefield.

“Every day that the war is delayed is a heavy burden for Russia.”

President Xi and Putin put on a show of solidarity at a summit held in Beijing prior to the war in early February.

The Russian president was also the guest of honour at the opening ceremony to the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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“Russia can no longer decide when and how the war will end. Russia is trying to end the war as soon as possible so it can hold on to what it has gained.

“This has failed. In this sense, Russia has lost its strategic leadership and initiative.”

The former diplomat added insult to injury, as he predicted that Ukraine would leave Russia’s sphere of influence and become an established member of the European community.

He said: “Ukraine will be removed from Russia’s orbit and sphere of influence (if Russia still has a sphere of influence) and become a member of the great European family.

“A member of the European family, i.e., a member of the European Union.”


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