Choosing the right company for partnership marketing increases sales

partnership marketing
partnership marketing

Customers will only purchase products and services which they are aware of, so businesses are advertising their products online and offline. However, most people are viewing a large number of advertisements daily, some view thousands of advertisements, due to which they often do not trust the advertiser. Hence businesses are always looking for new ways to market their business, increase the number of orders and sales. Though it is not widely discussed like other marketing techniques, partnership marketing has become one of the most effective marketing techniques. Since most companies do not have the resources for doing this type of marketing in-house, they are interested in hiring a partnership marketing company . Some of the considerations for hiring a company for partnership marketing are discussed.


Choosing the right partners for marketing can be very beneficial for a business. In addition to the increased revenues, the partnership can also help in increasing brand awareness and boosting the number of customer referrals. The assistance of the right partner can help in increasing the conversion rate for the business and improving the conversion rate significantly. Typically the best partners for marketing are businesses selling complementary products or services. For example, airlines are often partnering with car rental services and hotels since the customers are likely to require these services.

Types of partnerships

In some cases, the marketing partners are reselling each others products after adding their profit margin. However, increasingly referral partnership is becoming popular, though tracking the referrals accurately can be challenging. The partners will track the number of visitors and also the conversion rate for these visitors. In some cases a business may feature a complementary brand on its website or marketing literature. Often the software or product is developed so that customers can easily access the partner website, increasing traffic and sales for the client.

Some businesses have loyalty programs, rewarding customers with points for every purchase, so that they do not use their competitors products or services. Increasingly partnerships with influencers have become popular, with the influencer being paid per post or a percentage of sales. The number of mobile users has increased rapidly in the last few years, so partnerships with mobile companies and app developers are a good way to increase exposure. Since people do not trust advertising many businesses are using content partnerships for promotion. Appointing celebrities or loyal customers as brand ambassadors is another way for a business to get more exposure.


After checking the products or services offered by its client, the company offering partnership marketing services, will first try to find and recruit suitable partners.They will then finalize a contract and pay the partner according based on the terms and conditions agreed. The marketing company will also track the visitors, leads and orders which are generated, so that they can gauge how effective a particular partner is. The partner is also informed about the new products and services, marketing literature and creatives so that they can incorporate it. The partner is encourage to optimize the promotion which is also closely monitored.

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