Chris Packham health: Presenter’s love of nature helped him with Asperger’s syndrome


Asperger’s syndrome is a form of autism where people have difficulties relating to others socially and behaviourally.

Talking about his time as a teenager when he was undiagnosed, Chris said that his love of nature “shaped and probably saved [his] life”.

Chris elaborated: “I absolutely loathe the idea that as this programme goes out, there will be teenagers in their bedroom reading Baudelaire and getting really depressed and not seeing a tunnel, let alone the light at the end of it.”

According to the National Autistic Society, around 700,000 people in the UK live with Asperger’s syndrome. Common signs that someone has Asperger’s syndrome include the following:

  • Problems making or maintaining friendships
  • Isolation or minimal interaction in social situations
  • Poor eye contact or the tendency to stare at others
  • Trouble interpreting gestures
  • Inability to recognise humor, irony, and sarcasm
  • Inappropriate behaviors or odd mannerisms
  • Problems expressing empathy, controlling emotions, or communicating feelings
  • Lack of common sense
  • Tendency to engage in one-sided conversations (about oneself)
  • Fascination with certain topics
  • Interpretation of information as literal
  • The preference for a strict schedule or routine.

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