Chris Weidman reveals amputation fears as he struggles to recover from UFC 261 broken leg

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Chris Weidman has revealed his fears that he could potentially lose his leg as he attempts to recover from a double leg break at UFC 261.

Former UFC middleweight champion Weidman broke his right tibia and fibula when his leg kick was checked by opponent Uriah Hall in their middleweight bout in Jacksonville.

The moment snapped Weidman’s leg in graphic fashion and left fans fearing for the former UFC middleweight champion’s wellbeing and career as he was stretchered out of the arena in agony following one of the worst injuries seen inside the octagon.

Weidman underwent surgery to reset both bones, with a titanium rod and four screws inserted into his injured lower leg to stabilise the injury before he flew back home to South Carolina with his family aboard UFC president Dana White’s private jet.

Weidman has been keeping fans up to speed with his recovery ever since he emerged from surgery, posting regular updates on social media as he shares his experiences, and his concerns, with his supporters online.

And in his latest update, Weidman revealed his concern that his leg could be amputated if the bones do not heal fully.

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“I had a surgery for a ligament that tore after throwing a left hook on him and then about eight weeks after surgery they realised that the blood supply to that bone, it was such a concussive shot that the blood supply wasn’t coming back.

“So they had to take my whole bone out and put my hip bone inside there because the (thumb) bone was just deteriorating and dying.

“So if that happened to my shin bone – my tibia or my fibula – I don’t know what would happen. Amputation, prosthetic leg, all that. So that scares me, and I’m praying and positive that’s not going to happen.

“But that’s just a possibility. I’ve spoken to a doctor about it. Tibias have the worst percentages of taking and healing properly after surgery. It’s not a bad percentage, it’s like five per cent. So that’s scary.”

Weidman, who has also started a YouTube vlog to more fully document his road to recovery following his horrific injury, said he’s hoping to start physical therapy this week, but still faces sensory issues with his feet.

“The other thing is I have numbness on the bottom of my feet and a few of my toes. It’s like tingling like they’re sleeping, so I don’t have full control. The nerve isn’t fully back with that, so that’s a little scary, as well.

“Other than that, the goal is to get to physical therapy this week. The doctor said the goal is literally just to get into the car and to get here and just to be in that environment … just getting out of my house.

“I’ve had 23 surgeries, this is my 24th, and this is completely different in so many ways than anything I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve had neck surgeries, hand surgeries, and every body part you can think of surgeries. This has been pretty brutal.”

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