Christianity crackdown in North Korea as Kim sends death squads to hunt believers


In North Korea, any faith beyond worshipping the Kim dynasty is banned in the country, thus forcing Christians to go underground to maintain their faith. Not only is in any other faith banned in the hermit state but December 24 is a day meant to celebrate Kim Jong-suk, the wife of the first Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Il-sung. Speaking to, Timothy Cho, an escapee from the state, revealed any Christian discovered practising their faith, will be shot on sight by Kim’s death squads.

Mr Cho, who now works for Open Doors, a charity who help support persecuted Christians, said: “I’m sure they will be hunted down.

“That is in no doubt.

“Kim’s regime will be urging the people to show their complete loyalty to the Kim family.

“Within this time, if anyone is arrested for secretly celebrating Christmas, they could be killed straight away.

“They still need authority for public executions, but the only ones where they don’t need that is for Christians or political prisoners in prison camps.

“If they are not celebrating Kim’s wife, it is inevitable what the consequences will be if they are discovered.”

Mr Cho also claimed the birth of Kim Jong-il has been mythologised to replicate the birth of Christ.

North Korea is at the top of Open Doors’ Christian persecution watchlist.

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North Korea also suffered devastating floods last summer and is on the brink of famine.

Such is the low food supply in the state, Mr Cho previously told, that he fears another natural disaster could “blow the country” away.

He suggests deaths could surge past the estimated three million people who died during the ‘Arduous March’ – a period of mass starvation in North Korea between 1994 and 1998.

He said: “If we see another major disaster, it will blow the country away.

“It will be worse than the Arduous March.

“There will be no way they can survive.

“The only way they could survive is if they would stop spending money on nuclear development.”


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