Classic car owners warned of the best 'long term solution' to deal with E10 fuel changes


Experts at the Historic and Classic Vehicle Association (HCVA) said “converting” the car was the best solution for those doing regular high mileage. Malcolm McKay, spokesperson for the group said kits would “soon be available” for drivers to make conversions to run their classic cars on the new petrol from home.

However, he said many garages were already “well prepared” to update the car to run on the new petrol.

Converting your vehicle to run on the new E10 fuel helps to future-proof the model and keep the car running for years to come.

He said: “Converting your classic vehicle to tolerate E10 fuel will be the best long-term option for most owners doing higher mileage.

“Kits will soon be available, if they’re not already, for DIY conversion of popular classic vehicles and marque specialists are already well prepared to carry out conversions for you.”

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The tests identified a range of issues from corroded carburettors to blocked fuel filters and pumps.

Mr McKay said the first step to converting an older car would be to “replace incompatible materials”.

He warned these parts will “gradually deteriorate” and “begin to cause problems” for vehicles.

He added: “First, it is important to replace incompatible materials in the fuel system: these will mostly be seals, hoses and gaskets.

Mr McKay said drivers looking to convert a classic model may also wish to re-route the fuel lines.

Third, Mr Mckay said it may be necessary to richen the mixture fractionally.

He warned if drivers set their engine to run slightly richer there may be no need to alter it that much.


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