Classic car warning: Fuel may become a 'more specialist thing' after E10 petrol launches

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AA technical specialist Greg Carter said it was unlikely petrol stations would stop selling E5 fuel needed by classic car owners at this stage. However, he warned drivers will need to “wait and see” if E5 petrol continued to be sold at garages in years to come.

He added securing the current E5 fuel could become a “specialist thing which may put more pressure on classic car owners.

Classic car owners have been warned they should not use the new fuel as their models are likely to be incompatible.

Instead, they have been urged to pay extra for the current E5 fuel which will remain at fuel pumps as the protection grade for the time being,

Mr Carter said: “I’ve been involved in meetings with DfT and people like that for a couple of years about this now.

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“I suppose it’s one of those wait and see things really isn’t it.

“I think there will always be a place on the road for classic cars.

“It might become much more of a specialist thing to try and get the fuel for it.”

New E10 fuel is set to launch in September in a bid to reduce CO2 emissions by 750,000 tonnes.

The Government has confirmed legislation will make it a requirement for some fuel suppliers to provide protection for E5 fuel in the protection grade.

However, the Government said this will be reviewed within five years to ensure this remains appropriate.

The review will examine whether there is a “viable and widely available alternative” for older vehicles.

However, they confirmed it was still “highly likely” the E5 protection grade would remain in place.

The new fuel is set to be launched next month which will cut 750,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The Government has predicted this could be the equivalent of removing 350,000 cars from the road.

Mr Carter warned classic car owners concerned about the changes could make upgrades to their cars to make it run on E10.

He added: “The alternative is you can do things to engines, you can change components and upgrade fuel pumps and you can put additives into E10 to make it as safe as E5.

“It’s the same as you could when unleaded came out and they got rid of leaded.

“We have managed to find a way before.”

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