Comedian Adam Carolla tells 'Tucker Carlson Today' cancel culture is killing comedy, dividing the country


Comedian and bestselling author Adam Carolla slammed the left’s obsession with cancel culture on Fox Nation’s ‘Tucker Carlson Today,’ saying it is destroying free speech and killing comedy.

“The comedians always made fun of the man and the man was the principle at the high school, it was Donald Trump, it was Ronald Reagan,” Carolla said. “Well, now the man is Gavin Newsom or Kamala Harris or Joe Biden, that is your man, so many comedians who are trained assassins to go after the man are now looking at the woman or Black man or the man they voted for and going, ‘I don’t think I want that man.’”

Carolla and Carlson also discussed their mutual home state of California, and the mass exodus of residents to states with more favorable taxes.

“Everyone I know is making plans to leave Los Angeles and California,” Carolla said. “The question is when.”

Carolla blames Democrats for these trends in California, as well as the division in the country, including the movement of people into communities that think and look like them.

“The people that are saying ‘we don’t want this, we want unity’ are creating this new sort of world order where people are going to start moving and surrounding themselves with their own,” he noted.

Carolla and Carlson agreed that President Joe Biden is partly to blame for the disunity currently seen in the United States.

“[I’ve] never seen anything as divisive as this,” said Carlson. “[there’s] never been anything as divisive as this.”

“Nobody spoke more about uniting, nobody has done more to divide,” Carolla commented. “I don’t think you could argue that point.”

He continued that Democrats’ rhetoric about a divided country has led to just that.

“Hard-left people are sort of self-destructive, and things become self-fulfilling prophesies. I really do think that they are essentially creating what they’re talking about…how many times did Biden talk about uniting the country? His first four months, is there anything that’s resembled that?”

“I feel like the left does a lot of ‘bring it in, let’s hug it out, let me put a tack in my palm and smack you on the back,’” Carolla noted.  “And then you get away and then they go ‘I told you he didn’t like me!’”

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