Crete battered by deadly rainstorms with two dead as cold weather hits the US


Heavy and thundery rain turned streets into rivers with the Heraklion part of the Greek island being worst affected. In this area there was huge damage with cars washed into the sea with beaches covered in a variety of debris.

The resort of Agia Pelagia on the north coast was particularly badly affected.

An area of low pressure moving south-eastwards from Italy caused torrential downpours and thunderstorms.

This continued into the afternoon and evening before easing.

Northern and eastern parts of the island received the highest rainfall with 130mm recorded in 30 minutes and around 300mm falling in three hours.

Western parts of Crete usually record 500-600mm of rain a year with eastern parts typically seeing 300-400mm.

Therefore some north-eastern parts of the island will have had almost a year’s worth of rain fall in the space of a few hors.

The two fatalities occurred during flash floods in Agia Pelagia.

A state of emergency was also declared in the east of the island.

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Videos on social media showed water pouring through a terminal ceiling, and “lakes” of water forming in the bus stands and car parks outside.

It comes as areas of low pressure in the eastern US have helped drag cold air southwards across many central and southern parts of the country over the last few days.

Central parts of the US have seen higher pressure building, helping lock cold air in the south.

As a result southern parts of the US are expected to be 10-15C cooler than they would be normally over the next few days.

Some states which normally have temperatures in the 20s in October will see temperatures in the single figures.

More central states such as Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri look set to experience overnight frosts.


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