‘Critical’ way to give your daffodils post-flowering care – ‘affects how well they grow’


The expert said: “It’s critical to give your daffodils post-flowering care right by deadheading them because it will affect how well they grow the following year.

“There is no need to remove the entire stem at the base. 

“Instead, remove the dead flower and the top inch or so of the stalk, allowing the rest to photosynthesise and feed the rest of the plant as it dies back. 

“Deadheading daffodils prevents the plant from wasting energy by producing seed heads rather than returning them to the bulbs in preparation for next year’s blooms.

“Daffodils should be deadheaded when the flowers fade, lose their colour, and become brown and crinkly. 

“Remove the dead flower, the seedpod beneath and around an inch of the stem.”

If daffodils grow in full sun and are allowed to die naturally during spring but aren’t blooming when they should, gardeners need to divide them in the autumn, according to Fiona. 


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