'Danger could be imminent' China issues urgent warning over Covid blame game


Beijing is coming under pressure to cooperate fully with the World Health Organisation (WHO), in investigating how the pandemic started. Some activists have claimed COVID-19 was created artificially at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, then escaped into the wider world.

China has furiously denied the allegation, and insists coronavirus passed naturally from animals to humans.

Hua Chunying, spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry, hit out at speculation over how coronavirus developed on Twitter.

She said: “The world is witnessing worsening political manipulation on origin-tracing.

“When science is forced to bow to politics and justice gives in to evil, danger could be imminent.”

The diplomat went on to sensationally claim the US could be “planting” evidence implicating China.

She added: “This has nothing to do with science & truth, but the sovereignty & dignity of a country.

“Make no mistake, China is not Iraq & the world will not be easily fooled.”

COVID-19 was first detected in China’s Hubei province, towards the end of 2019.

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However, the WHO is demanding China provide raw patient data, from around the start of the pandemic, to support its investigation.

Dr Ghebreyesus said Beijing failed to provide this information during the first state of their enquiries.

Earlier this year it was reported in the Wall Street Journal, that US intelligence has evidence staff at the Wuhan Institute of Virology fell ill with coronavirus like symptoms, shortly before the first public cases were reported.

Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson for the Chinese foreign minister, blasted the report as “completely untrue”.

Speaking to CNN, an insider said the intelligence community “still does not know what the researchers were actually sick with”.

They added: “At the end of the day, there is still nothing definitive.”

In September 2020 Scott Morrison, the Australian prime minister, called for an independent investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

Shortly afterwards China announced large tariffs on some Australian made products.

Coronavirus has killed more than four million people worldwide since the pandemic began in late 2019.

Whilst vaccination is proving effective, the world is battling the new and more contagious Delta variant of COVID-19.


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